Berber Carpet

Berber Carpet Coral Gables, Florida

Berber Carpet Coral Gables, Florida

Berber is a type of carpet that originated with the Berber people in North Africa. The style used all natural materials hand woven by the people it was named after. Today, Berber carpet mostly applies to a style of carpet distinguished by a looped pile construction. Usually Berber carpets are of a single tone with flecks of a similar color embedded in the weave. They are hardy and durable creating an ideal environment for high traffic areas. Modern Berber-style carpeting is no made from a variety of fibers from nylon, to wool and other synthetics.

About Berber Carpet

  • - Berber carpet has thicker, heavier loops of yarn
  • - Berber has a casual style that is easy to maintain and keep clean
  • - Berber is highly durable carpet, great for high-traffic areas of the home
  • - Berber works well in nearly any room, especially basements, hallways, bedrooms, and workout rooms

Advantages of Berber Carpet

Stain resistance is Berber’s biggest strength. It’s a tight weave that makes it tough for stains to penetrate. Many people are attracted to its unique “handcrafted” appearance (Berber carpets are made in factories like every other carpet, so they are not truly handcrafted.) It also doesn’t show footprints or vacuum marks. As long as the carpet is clean and taken care of, it maintains its original appearance. The cherry on top is that if you like Berber carpets, they typically don’t break the bank. Depending on the fiber used, it is a relatively inexpensive style