Plush Carpet

Plush Carpet Coral Gables, Florida

Plush Carpet Coral Gables, Florida

Plush carpet pile is cut to a uniform height creating a sleek, smooth finish. It is dense, constructed from closely tufted strands, and can have a velvety appearance. Plush carpet is beautifully soft and can be made from both wool or synthetic fibers. There are several luxuriously warm plush carpets to consider at Linda Floorings. These aesthetically pleasing carpets offer the supreme softness and warmth that is associated with plush carpet pile.

About Plush Carpet

  • - Smooth, even surface
  • - Traditional to formal look
  • - Shows highlights of tones and color

Advantages of Plush Carpet

Plush carpets do a great job of combining an elegant look with durability. Their smooth, solid-colored look makes these carpets aesthetically appealing. Assuming they are constructed well, plush carpets will also hold up pretty well over the long haul.